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Performance Management and Management Consulting Services

Strategy and Performance Management

We are experts in supporting businesses in developing their strategic goals and scorecards. Through the practical workshop, organisations are able to define their financial outcomes, customer and internal processes, as well as well as their growth and development. Within this process, departmental scorecards are developed and trickled down into an effective and meaningful performance management system. We also support the resultant communication process within the business. We assist in operationalizing your strategic intent throughout the business structure.

HR Strategy

We assist HR departments in formulating and pinning down their strategies in line with the organisational business strategy. This could be in the form of a formal workshop or customized to the client’s needs. In the process, we help HR departments to understand how they optimally support business needs and work effectively towards business success.

Standards, Policies and Procedures

We support clients in compiling their HR processes and procedures in line with best HR practices, Quality Management Standards, legal requirements and organisational goals. We guide you to best HR standards and ensure that your organisation is maximally compliant.