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Human Resources Consulting Services

We provide generalized and specialized HR services to our clients. 

Expert Recruitment and Selection Services

We deliver expert recruitment services to our clients. We assist clients in finding the ideal match to the position they seek to fill. We search for candidates and assist in the recruitment processes. Selection will be competency based and our methods are highly effective in finding the ideal candidate.

Job Grading and Benchmarking

Successful companies create internal and external fairness and subscribe to the concept of equal pay. We evaluate your job with the help of internationally developed job evaluation systems. Job evaluation takes place under precisely defined parameters and can thus be carried out free of bias. We assess the value of a position and make it comparable with evaluation systems such as HAY grade, Paterson, Peromnes, Willis Towers Watson etc. This enables you to determine the exact monetary value of a position. Our partner is an internationally developed grading system –

We benchmark positions in the private sector, parastatals, and governmental organisations. The goal is to determine positions that are under- or overpaid within an organisation. We assist organisations to determine anomalies and assist in making long-term decisions to affect equity within a business.

Legal Matters

We are specialised in compiling contracts of employment in any industry sector. We advise you on disciplinary processes and code of conduct. We compile recognition agreements that take strategic principles of a business into consideration. Our organisation trains and advises your organisation on all aspects of the Employment Equity Act and supports you in achieving your Affirmative Action goals. We also train organisations and managerial members on all aspects of the Labour Act (Act 11 of 2007). We can also support clients with German and South African Labour Law queries.