The new generation - How do I address Generation Z?


Employers need to move with the times. Their willingness to adapt is rewarded by simply being able to attract the better candidates. They speak the language of youth, that which is "in vogue". What can an employer do to appeal to Generation Z? How can psychological assessments and evaluations support this process? In this article, we will address these points.

For Generation Z, it is very important to make lasting connections. That is why employers should communicate as early and as much as possible.  It is important for this generation to make a connection even if there is no open position to fill at the moment. The focus is on sustainability and authenticity. Generation Z needs to be able to identify with the values of a company.

Generation Z is more willing to take the job of their dreams than to work for a company they already know. The position plays an essential role. Generation Z must be able to identify with their role. Flexibility, diversity and teamwork are important components of an ideal role. Employers need to communicate where they stand on these issues. A good salary remains attractive to Generation Z.

Digital recruitment processes and experiences are critical components to appeal to Generation Z. Recruitment processes need to be honest, sustainable, and effective. They must appeal to values. Recruitment processes must increase candidate engagement, but also achieve an organisation's strategic objectives. Some experiments show that online processes and the use of psychometric testing do just that. The time to recruit someone is significantly reduced, yet experiments have shown that you have a greater participation of candidates. The candidate's experience in the recruitment process is increased and thus gains validity and authenticity.

With our assessments, companies are able to fill their vacancies effectively and result in a high engagement value of the candidate in the recruitment process. We put people first, but at the same time we help employers make much better decisions to achieve their goals.

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