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News and blog posts about Human Ressource Management in Namibia

Job opportunity: FINANCIAL MANAGER in Walvis Bay

Our client, a substantial contributor in the Namibian Fishing Industry, and an equal opportunity employer has a vacancy in Walvis Bay for a finanficial manager.

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Job opportunity: MAINTENANCE MANAGER in Walvis Bay

An equal opportunity employer and leader in the Namibian fishing industry, we have a vacancy for a Maintenance Manager in Walvis Bay.

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Job opportunity: SENIOR ACCOUNTANT

Our client, a substantial contributor in the Agricultural sector, and an equal opportunity employer has a vacancy for an on-farm SENIOR ACCOUNTANT situated on the banks of the Orange River.

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Succession Planning – Why it is important, how organisations benefit from assessments

Succession planning should have a high priority in any strategic HR or business plan. Succession planning is “the process of identifying a longer-term plan for the orderly replacement of key employees.” (Wärnich, Carrell, Elbert & Hatfield: 2020; p.133). Succession planning forces organisations to develop high-potentials and assists in the transition process.

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“Digital and human" - the new trend 2022

Home office, online working are the new trends and it is impossible to imagine the working world without them. Without these benefits, an employer is no longer attractive. Employers are coming under pressure. They are exposed to the shortage of skilled workers and at the same time, these prefer to sit in a home office. Despite obvious advantages, the question remains how to recruit future employees effectively?

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The new generation - How do I address Generation Z?

Employers need to move with the times. Their willingness to adapt is rewarded by simply being able to attract the better candidates. They speak the language of youth, that which is "in vogue". What can an employer do to appeal to Generation Z? How can psychological assessments and evaluations support this process? In this article, we will address these points.

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The struggle for high potential

In 1998, the war for talent was launched. Talent managers and HR professionals wanted to win the war and the struggle for high potentials was high on every agenda. Yet today, this struggle is even more important than ever before.

Thanks to Covid, changing work landscapes and the evolution of technology, the focus of talent search is changing. Once again, talent managers and HR professionals face new challenges. Their practices need to change significantly to stay ahead of the curve.

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Companies need objective job evaluations

Almost every organisation reaches a point in its development where the organically grown HR processes need a systematic structure. In the absence of a common basis, it is often difficult to align HR tools and the introduction of new services and processes is hindered.

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Career choice done right

It is natural for a person to have a number of interests and capabilities. Choosing a career or occupation is for many a challenge and throughout their life, they may wonder whether they have chosen correctly?

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