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Human Ressource Management for Namibia

Together with innovative methods and trends, we help you to transform your business and your employees to achieve their maximum potential. Human Resources is the single most important pillar of your organisation. With strategic, refreshing and innovative ideas and methods, we help you become a market leader. As Industrial Psychologists, we work with scientific principles to unlock the potential in you, and your employees.


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Performance Management and Management Consulting Services

We assist organisations in developing their own strategic intent and performance factors. In the development of such performance factors we focus on leadership and values, what the organisation wishes to stand for. We begin with a thorough understanding of the organisation’s direction (strategy, vision, mission, scorecard dimensions and key performance indicators). The process entails to undertake an analysis of the current reality of the business and the environment. The definition of SWOT factors are critical in the understanding of this reality. We focus on scorecard results, the definition of your financial and customer goals, as well as your internal process and the organisation’s learning and growth perspective. In order to drive high performance the key factors will be trickled down to departmental levels. We accompany the organisation in developing measurable results and a well-defined performance management process.

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Human Resources Consulting Services

We are specialised in all processes of the Human Resources cycle – from recruitment and selection to the exit of an employee. We are able to provide substantial services relating to recruitment and selection, competency profiling, job analysis, job grading and evaluation, benchmarking, equal pay and internal and external equity, development of contracts, HR Policies and procedures, HR standards, legal compliance and standards, IR / ER matters, disciplinary procedures, retrenchments, employment equity and Affirmative Action compliance and reporting. We are able to define and set the standard for you organisation.


Human Ressource Management Consulting
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Organisational Change Management

We are specialised in the organisational design and optimising the organisational structure for creating effectiveness. We focus on change management processes. We customise training and development to your organisational need. We develop surveys to establish your organisational climate. We assist organisations in developing strategies to maximise employee engagement effectively.


Psychological Assessments, Psychometrics and Consultation

We are highly specialised and certified in the most scientifically developed assessments currently available in the market. Our focus is to assist organisations to fill their vacancies with the ideal candidate, either internal or external and to protect the individual undergoing the assessment process. We are guided by ethical standards and they will be adhered to at all times. With our tools, organisations are able to make confident decisions and reduce their risk substantially. In addition, we focus on effective team composition and team building. Lastly, we assist young adults with their career choices. In all our assessments, we take a holistic approach in our evaluation.


Psychological Assessments, Psychometrics and Consultation
Pascale Pauslmeier

Pascale Paulsmaier

Pascale Paulsmeier is a registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council with many years of national and international experience in this field. She has completed her MA (Industrial Psychology) at the University Stellenbosch with cum laude. Pascale Paulsmeier brings along 20 years of expert experience in the field of Human Resources Management, Organisational Design, Psychological Counselling and Testing, and Performance Management, Strategic and operative management throughout various industries and parastatals.


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05 September 2023

Our client, a substantial contributor in the Namibian Fishing Industry, and an equal opportunity employer has a vacancy in Walvis Bay for a finanficial manager.

28 August 2023

An equal opportunity employer and leader in the Namibian fishing industry, we have a vacancy for a Maintenance Manager in Walvis Bay.

17 August 2023

Our client, a substantial contributor in the Agricultural sector, and an equal opportunity employer has a vacancy for an on-farm SENIOR ACCOUNTANT situated on the banks of the Orange River.

02 March 2023
Succession planning should have a high priority in any strategic HR or business plan. Succession planning is “the process of identifying a longer-term plan for the orderly replacement of key employees.” (Wärnich, Carrell, Elbert & Hatfield: 2020;...


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